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Water Treatment Plant

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Water Treatment Plant such as Packaged Drinking Water Project, Reverse Osmosis Plant, RO Plant, Packaged Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis System, Commercial RO Plant and many more items from India.

Bestowed with an ingenious team of designers and advanced production unit, we have able to manufacture, supply, and export an exclusive range of Water Treatment Plant to our clients. Designed to offer clean and apparent water, this plant is widely demanded due to its optimum filtration performance. In order to install the provided plant, we make use of quality-approved components and pioneering methodology. This plant is designed with well-organized membrane filter system that eradicates dirt, oil, chemical, microorganism and other solid particles from water.


  • High speed large gravity flow
  • Automatic control panel
  • Adjustable water leveling equipment
Our organization takes pleasure to introduce its business as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Packaged Drinking Water Project. This system / project is designed for providing water treatment solution to domestic and commercial clients, as well as industrial owners. There are varieties of systems, filters, and projects designed and developed by our experienced professionals from the unit. Clients can provide their own business specific demands or we provide a standard system that meets entire business requirements efficiently. Installation costs kept nominal for catering all types of clients in the domain.      


  • Long service life and cost-effective
  • High throughputs and superior flow rates
  • No need of pre-wetting
Since our inception, we are affianced in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting an outstanding quality array of Reverse Osmosis Plant. This machine is used in several industrial, commercial and some domestic sector as well. We design and install a variety of osmosis plants in several companies. This are manufactured using quality steel materials, approved components, and advanced technology. The plant is setup adhering to entire industry guidelines. Apart from it, clients can get the plant installed by us at budgetary price.


  • Accurate and well designed structure
  • Low maintenance and optimum performance
  • Cleanliness and hygiene

At our well-established production unit, we are manufacturing, supplying, and exporting RO Plant. This plant is used for cleaning and purifying water to make it potable. The offered plant cleans and denaturalizes chemicals, salt, bacteria and other fungal effects present in the water. In order to provide an excellent performance of the plant, our professionals use better technology and components and follow the set industry standards during fabrication.


  • Continuous water production
  • Ultra-low pressure
  • Removing 98% of organic matters and bacteria

For each Capital is use of water has increased and given the limited supply of fresh water so it is difficult for countries to make available its population the fresh water. The first step is Drinking water it’s Packaged Drinking Water System. Water is get from external source of allowed passing through the Purification Unit and then after stored in SS Tank. Passed from beginning to end the Purification Plant and stored SS Tank. After Purification water has taken to the Bottling Segment. Bottling is done as an incessant operation .Purification is a process Rinsing, Filling, Capping. The unit automatically fills, rinses, screws the cap on it, then final Mineral Water is Labeled, Packed, and Promoted.
Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System used to force water molecules through a very fine membrane leaving the contaminants behind .Reverse Osmosis System is a unit consisting of a sediment/chlorine pre filter, reverse osmosis membrane, a storage tank, and an activated carbon filter .Reverse Osmosis System method like:

1)      Stage of Filtration

2)      Water Softening and Iron Removal Filter

3)      Spares of RO like Membranes, Micron Filters & Housing, FRP & SS Pressure Vessels, UV systems, Ozonator etc…

4)      Water Chemicals ,Activated Carbon, Anti Scalant Chemical  

Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant is carefully customized and configured to go with the individual requirement of the output water ,which varies from drinking application to the specific usage ,like food processing, pharmaceuticals ,boiler feeding. 

Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plant products like below:

1)      Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment

2)      Reverse Osmosis Plant

3)      RO Treated water storage tank

4)      UV disinfectant with Micron Cartridge Filter

5)      Tank for Ozonation

6)      Ozonator

7)      Multiple streams of model SS Tank

8)      Low Operation and maintained Cost

9)      Pouch Packing Machine

10)   Semi/Fully Auto Blow Moulding Machine  

11)   Testing Facility and Laboratory Set Up

Mineral Water System

Mineral Water System based on TURNKEY PROJECT. It’s products like below:

1) Raw Water Storage Tank

2) Raw Water Feeding Pump

3) Multi Graded Sand Filter

4) Activated Carbon Filter

5) Antiscalant Dosing System

6) Ultra Violate Disinfection System

7) Micron Filtration System

8) High Pressure Pump

9) Reverse Osmosis Element

10) Pressure Vessel for Element

11) Electronic Control Panel

12) Micron Filtration for Minerals Controlling System

13) Treated Water Storage Tank

14) Treated Water Transfer Tank]

15) Fine Polishing Micron Filtration System

16) Ultraviolet Disinfection System

17) Ozone Generating Set

18) Ozone Circulating Pump

19) R.O.Membrane Cleaning System

20) Injection Moulding Machine

21) Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

22) Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine’

23) Lable Shrinking Machine

24) Operation Manual

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System is to remove impurities from tap and brackish water. Its FRP membrane housing, Micron Cartridge Pre-filter, PLC control panel, high pressure switch, and low pressure switch, Permate and concentrate flow meters.

RO System

RO System is sediment filter to trap particles second sediment filter with smaller pores, an activated carbon filter to trap organic chemicals which will attack degrade Reverse Osmosis Membranes and optionally an ultra violet lamp for sterilizing any microbes that may escape filtering by Reverse Osmosis Membrane. 

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant is design to receive waste water from domestic, commercial, industrial sources to remove materials that damage water quality

 Compromise is public health, safety when discharged into water receiving systems.

Waste Water Recycling Plant

Waste Water Recycling Plant is design to purify city waste water .Then

Receiving all city waste water in a big Vat where three large screw pumps lift the waste water up about 15 or 20 Feet .Then goes through a series machines which comb, filter all the trash out of the waste water like as wrappers etc…It’s great made of parallel bars .Waste water is transported to aeration tanks where the oxygen content in amplify in the Waste water to facilitate better absorption by microbes.  Then Waste Water flows to the primary clarifiers which are large round Tanks with concave bottoms where the solid matter out of the waste water .Waste water goes into secondary clarifier like the first only need for to skim floated off the top, nor is there near as much sludge .Waste water goes into pump house where it is pumped into another wide Vat where it is ejected with chlorine to disinfect it. It circulate around this Tank for a while to give the Chlorine to do its work then before existing the tank then treated water leaves the Tank and transported Storage Tank. 

Waste Water Plant

Waste Water Plant like:

1)      Sewage Treatment Plant- To treatment and disposal human Waste.

2)      Industrial Waste Water Treatment- To treatment of Wet wastes from manufacturing Industry like mining, quarrying and heavy Industries.  

3)      Agriculture Waste Water Treatment- To treatment reduces of waste liquid, pesticide residues etc…from Agriculture.

Sea Water Desalination Plant

 Sea Water Desalination Plant is goes through a precise pretreatment process then freshwater is separate from the seawater using Reverse Osmosis.

Effluent Treatment Plant

We are offers a complete range for Effluent Treatment Plant .Their different effluent varies with the type of effluent. Waste water contains a diversity of impurities. Some process of Effluent Treatment Plant like:

1)      Aerobic Biological Procedure

2)      Anaerobic Biological Procedure

3)      Chemical-Physical Procedure

Water Purification System

Water Purification System is to work fresh, clean Drinking Water.

Water Purification Plant

Water Purification Plant also called Deionized Water. Water Purification plant required supplying ultra high pure water for various research applications .It’s normal water supply has residual particles, suspensions, minerals, biological impurities that damage the water detection, chokes rendering them unusable. It’s also removed ionic contents of ordinary Water.

Dosing Plant

Dosing Plant is emerged skid mounting chemical plant helps smooth and efficient work.

Drinking Water Plant

We are manufacture and supply a complete range of Drinking Water Plant .Drinking Water Plant is TURNKEY BASIC PROJECT. The system following equipment:

1) Filter Assembly(Sand/Cartridge/Bag Filter)

2) High Pressure Pump

3) Membrane with Housing

4) Storage Tank required

5) Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Filling Machine

6) Pet Stretch Blowing Machine

7) Pouch Filling Machine

8) Ink Jet Batch Coding Machine

9) Laboratory Set Up

10) ISI Certification

Mineral Water Bottling Plant

We are parting year experience manufacturing and supply wide range of Mineral Water Bottling Plant specially designed more emphasis on functioning, affordability, easy operation, system expandability.

Soda Water Plant

Soda Water Plant is quality gamut of to our customer’s .It’s Realiability, Durable, and Long Functional Life.

UV Water Purifier 

UV Water Purifier has many advantages other forms of water treatment for micro biological contaminants .It is reduce any chemicals to the water and produce safe water for Drinking.

Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Waste Water Treatment Equipment is latest technology for high level of separation, while providing operation cost .Each equipment is individually tested for quality and performance make sure years of bother free services.

The Equipments like:


1)      Surface Aerators

2)      Floating Aerators

3)      Mixers/Agitators

4)      Fixed and Mechanical screens

5)      Diffused Aeration Systems

6)      Filter Press

7)      Sludge Thickeners

8)      Trickling Filters

9)      Clarifier/Mechanical Scraper Systems

10)   Clarifloccculators

11)   Oil Skimmers

12)   Dissolved Air Floatation Systems

13)   Settling Tanks

14)   Grit Removal System

 Water Filtration Plant

  Water Filtration Plant of water or effluent done with the intention of removal or reduce solids and organic which pass on a certain taste and odor to the water.

    Demineralization System

Demineralization System is remove dissolved minerals from process water use in steam generation and other industrial applications. It’s applied for food and beverage industry, medical, electronic etc…  

Our organization specializes in manufacturing and exporting an extensive range of DM Plant. This is one of the robust constructions that move on wheels. The plant is compact assembly of units that controlled by a single person and handle by crew member. Innovative technology, progressive design, client and employee find the machine highly user friend and customer oriented. Apart from this, we clients looking for excellent perforating plant, can get in touch with us.


  • High-reliability
  • Tight combination
  • User friendly operation
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance
Water Demineralization System

Water Demineralization System is process to remove ionic material from water. These process follow get pure water .Demineralization take place in an ion exchange unit called as DEIONIZER that consist of caution bed, an anion bed and mixed bed in series. The mixed bed consist of both caution provide highest iron removal efficiency.

Industrial RO System

       Industrial Reverse Osmosis is work for water filtration membrane desalination process. It is use for purifies brackish/high TDS water for drinking, industrial purposes .Reverse Osmosis water system following process of purifications:

1)      Intake Water

2)      Pre-treatment

3)      High Pressure Pump

4)      Membrane Assembly

5)      PH Adjustment

6)      Disinfection


It’s applied for Drinking Water Purification, Water and Wastewater Purifications, Food Industry, Syrup Production.


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